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Diesel & Dutch

Diesel & Dutch 1000 Piece Puzzles

Diesel & Dutch 1000 Piece Puzzles

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The team at Diesel and Dutch, design puzzles to be hung in the family home. Often designing two complementary puzzles that will feature well together in any room of your home.

Designing to the latest in homeware design, as well as key colours and trends, they are committed to regularly updating our puzzle range with fresh designs to coincide with ever changing home styling.

Hullabaloo Carnaval

The Hullabaloo Carnaval puzzle, designed by Milly and Mae, is a carefully cluttered abstract puzzle featuring colourful vibrant expressive shapes and strokes, off a textured coral peach backdrop. A vibrant piece that embodies the spirit of Carnaval.


Serenity by Milly and Mae Designs will help lift the spirit of any room of the house. A stunning mix of pastel and vibrant tones come together in this floral oasis, to create a calming and playful scene.


The Pandemonium puzzle, designed by Milly and Mae, is a carefully cluttered abstract puzzle featuring colourful and vibrant expressive shapes and strokes. A vibrant piece that will brighten up any room in your home.


Your eyes are not deceiving you... it is THAT bright! This abstract design by Milly and Mae Designs is full of life and 'happy colour', a true expression of joy. The original art piece was painted with a variety of premium acrylic paints with bold brush strokes, textured finishes, and a sprinkle of neon colours.

Australian Dream

Filled with a kaleidoscope of colours and featuring iconic Australian natives, the Australian Dream puzzle designed by Milly and Mae is a bold and bright puzzle, offering plenty of challenges for the most experienced puzzler.


Jungalow by Milly and Mae Designs, illustrates the beautiful dense tropical rainforests of north-eastern Australia. Showcasing a diversity of plant life, with many distinct broad leaf shapes and shades of green, with colourful tropical flowers to provide a stunning contrast.


A smooth field of sage is home to this striking floral arrangement displaying magnificent colours and textures. Designed by Milly and Mae and titled "Inflorescence", these contrasting patterned vases house a bold bouquet of beautiful flowers in full bloom.

Il Giardino Di Fiori

The artist, Milly and Mae use graphic shapes and organic subject matter to create a stunning arrangement of daisies and cobalt blue foliage, gathered straight from a beautiful Mediterranean garden.


Illustrated with soft subtle tones found in the Australian bush, these native florals will create a homely vibe displayed in the sanctuary of your home.

Ol Giardino

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