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Paper & Pen Darwin

Infant Amber Anklet / Bracelet - Seeds of the Sun

Infant Amber Anklet / Bracelet - Seeds of the Sun

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I believe the Earth and her Communities need real labels created by real people. ‘Real’ meaning aware, conscious and connected to the deeper intricacies of life. A label that hasn’t just been developed because there was an opening in the market. But a label created from genuine love.

There is always a story behind each and every product you consume. The creator of the label and the consumer need to be aware of that story.   

Our earth is calling for us all to wake up. We have been asleep for too long. We need labels that make it easy for busy consumers to buy consciously. To support a slower mentality of quality over quantity that is just one of the tiny steps that we can take to support an overall system of SLOWING down. 

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