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‘Men and Women Sitting Around Campfire’ - June Sultan Napanga

‘Men and Women Sitting Around Campfire’ - June Sultan Napanga

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Artist - June Sultan Napanga

Title - 'Men & Women Sitting Around Campfire'

Method - Acrylic on Canvas

Size - 1020 x 540mm

Region - , Central Australia 

Date - 2017 

Information about the artist

June Sultan Napanga was born in 1954 at Neutral Junction, near Barrow Creek in Central Australia. She is a Kaytetye speaker.

June began painting in the 1980’s after her brother Reg Sultan, as accomplished artist encouraged her to do so. June is an independent artist who takes extreme pride in her artwork. Her paintings are known for their precision for detail. Her paintings all depict traditional bush tucker themes which are associated with Aboriginal culture. June is not afraid to use bright colours such as pinks and blues for her backgrounds, creating an interesting mix of traditional depictions with modern colours. June’s artworks have been very helpful to schools and educational programs in teaching children about traditional aboriginal food sources and aboriginal iconography.

June currently lives in Alice Springs with her children. She continues to paint as a hobby and source of income for her family. She continues to be in control of her artwork and career.

All artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and is signed by the artist.

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