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Oscar & Harley

Large Lupin Seed Hot & Cold Pack

Large Lupin Seed Hot & Cold Pack

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All Hot/Cold packs are made in Australia using locally grown lupins. They are packed full of benefits:

- Wheat Free
- Odour Free
- Chemical Free
- Doesn't sweat when heated
- Lighter than wheat and retains heat longer
- Can be placed in the freezer as a cold pack
- Soothes aches and pains
- Keeps you warm in winter or cool in summer
- Put your heat pack in a plastic bag/Ziplock and place in the freezer, the plastic bag will keep out the moisture from the freezer yet keeping your pack icy cold.
- Sectioned into 3 parts to get an even heat distribution throughout heat pack
- Comes in a range of vibrantly colourful fabrics

This heat pack is roughly 40cm long x 16cm wide and weighs 1kg

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